How to make brltty read Chinese uner gnome-terminal?

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at
Mon Dec 11 01:31:57 UTC 2006

coscell, le Mon 11 Dec 2006 09:22:32 +0800, a écrit :
> 1. Under console with brltty, excute brltty -b ba -c big5 -s no -x as
> I got just brltty version and homepage UTL.
> 2. startx

Mmm, that brltty should be started _after_ startx.  I.e. it should be
started between startx and orca.

> Heard music 

What music?

> and got "screen not in text mode" on braille display. Pressed 
> alt-f1 heard orca speech but braille had no response.

Is the X server running on VT 7?


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