installing linux for a blind person

william windels william.windels at
Thu Feb 2 23:12:47 UTC 2006

I am a blind linux-user and I have experience with linux for 2 years.

My question:
I would like to instal (a debian-like) system on my own.

What do I have:
- a alva 480 braille display connected to ttyS0 or ttyS1;
- a desktop with global hardware: 2 hd: 20, 80 hd;
- yamaha soundcard with connected speakers;
- a permanent internetconnection.

Can somebody sugest a good (blindfriendly) distribution that I can install
on my own?
I prefer a debian-based system but if there are other suggestions , it's
also good.
I like the brltty-screenreader , much more than the sbl-screenreader.

I have tried to install the knoppix-distro (4.02) on my system after booting
the live-cd with braille-support but, there are some bugs in the
install-program so the result is a corrupted system.

All suggestions are very welcome onmy adres: william.windels at or
on the list.
thanks in advance

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