Linux livecd with brailleaccess.

Anders Holmberg anders at
Sun Feb 5 17:22:29 UTC 2006

Are there documentations on ho  run these distros?
And how about the login promts and such things?
Are there any dits i can install on any hard drive?
WHich is stable.

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> On Sa, Feb 04, 2006 at 05:39:52 +0100, william windels wrote:
>>Yes, there is: knoppix.
>>dowload on _w_w_w_._k_n_o_p_p_i_x_._n_e_t.
>>To start the brailledisplay  after starting cd, type
>>The keyboard is by default querty I think.
>>But, you can not install this live-cd on the hd.
>>I mean: you can but it's very unstable.
> Knoppix uses debian unstable.
>>I think you can do this with kanotix (also debian-based) but this cd has 
>>braille-support :(
> Another cool distro with braille support is GRML. It is a Live CD with
> many textbased tools, grafical envirorments aren't on this distro. IMHO
> brltty is used for braille support.
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> Schoepp
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