Linux livecd with brailleaccess.

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at
Wed Feb 8 18:35:52 UTC 2006

The operation of a personal computer requires great peace of mind. 
(Paraphrased from Robert Pirsig.)

Anyone u$ing negative catch phra$e$ like Window$ or Do$ or Jaw$ won't get 
nowhere. Each computer system has weaknesses and strengths. Flexibility on 
the part of the user is a plus.

There's nothing wrong with the stability of a modern Windows system. I've 
had mine up for weeks, though I hate $pinning that fan for no purpo$e 
regardle$$ of which operating $y$tem i$ in u$e and tend to shut down my 
computer to $ave re$ource$.

I believe there are free antivirus programs under Windows; if one can't be 
found you're free to write your own. I know CLAM/AV is present under Cygwin 
though I know nothing about the package on either Fedora or Cygwin.

One can use Jaws instead of brltty in Cygwin, and there is an X component of 
Cygwin. Whether Jaws can deal with it in that environment I have no idea. 
There is allegedly a Windows version of X, and I think a few people have 
even used it. But remember that X has had its accessibility hooks for only 
about 20 years.

Lee Maschmeyer
<lee_maschmeyer at>

"Be kind to your fur-bearing friends,
For a skunk may be somebody's brother."
     --Fred Allen

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