Linux livecd with brailleaccess.

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at
Thu Feb 9 19:07:17 UTC 2006

Thanks, Samuel. I thought I remembered the X consortium putting in 
accessibility hooks in about 1980. I guess that's the approach you said 
didn't work.

I was hoping that by the time Cygwin put up an X screen it would look like a 
readable Windows screen to Jaws. Disappointing that it doesn't.

Is Jaws braille as powerful as brltty? Certainly not! Jaws braille in Cygwin 
works as well as Jaws braille in DOS. It skips all blank lines but shows 
most everything else, and with scripting even the routing buttons can be 
made to work. Brltty in Cygwin works very close to as well as brltty on 
native Linux, and if you use it at the DOS command prompt it works very 
nearly as well as a DOS braille package (except for the difference in key 
assignments). Brltty shows blank lines in Cygwin and DOS which is one of its 
principal advantages, but I used Jaws braille in Cygwin for a couple years 
and I'm still alive... :-)

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