update needed on software synthesizers for linux

krishnakant Mane krmane at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 09:19:19 UTC 2006

I am Krishnakant Mane from India.
I have not been in touch with the linux accessibility related issues.
I am in the process of doing a project related to speach under linux.
I will like to know the latest information on the following.
1. are there any good quality software synthesizers for linux right
now apart from flite.  I want to know if there is a software speach
synthesizer with proper voice like ibm viavoice and not like flite.  I
will like to know that if I am using festival andfestvox, can I create
good voices with proper inflection and pronounciation.
I have used flite and eflite with yasr and am not satisfied with the
speach output.  if there are no free software synthes available then
what are the other options.
if I decide to use the freetts made in java, I will like to know if I
can have better voices.
2.what is the latest status of nopernicus, is it ready for prime timeuse.
please provide details on the above points.

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