Recording Streaming Audio?

Hart Larry chime at
Sun Feb 12 16:53:39 UTC 2006

Hi All:  For some time we've been looking for a way to easily record either a 
live stream or .ram files?  Back in 2004 I had a script called grabit, but no1 
seems to have it  any more.  When I did a search, I found a pearl script called 
"pac"  it will convert files useing lame, but won't really rip streams.  Next, 
we found vsound "v sound" Sometimes it works, but most of the time it complains 
about not finding an .au file, or that I am trying to record off the internet.
I am useing speakup--and a dec-talk-usb  with an Audigy Usb sound card  with 
O, I tried stream ripper, but it doesn't seem to handle playlist types such as 
.ram.  I think it wants an exact url of the stream.  I prefer saving the .ram 
or .pls in lynx  and then ripping with tr player.  Nice thing about tr player 
are the keyboard commands which tell me length and author/title.
Other than suggesting urls to get any tools, if any of you want to, please send 
directly packages or scripts, with install instructions, it would be wonderful.
Thanks so much

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