update needed on software synthesizers for linux

T. Joseph CARTER knghtbrd at bluecherry.net
Mon Feb 13 04:18:37 UTC 2006

Well, a Gumstix Basix and Audiostix together are basically what you'd need
to create a BookPort alternative.  I can't imagine why Gumstix is using
PXA rather than IXP for what they're doing.

On Sun, Feb 12, 2006 at 09:37:44PM -0600, Brent Harding wrote:
> What would one do with a Gumstix system? I heard about them on this Make 
> Magazine podcast to have small linux systems. The one use, all be it 
> difficult to get done, that I would think useful would be for audio 
> processing. My idea would work if I could get it to run winamp DSP's like 
> sound solution or rock steady. The hardest part would always be the coding 
> and wiring controls as some of the plugins have an immense number of them. 
> I'd be happy making the preset I want to use on my computer, loading it in, 
> and taking the box wherever I'd use it. That would eliminate the need for 
> displays or any other control mechanism besides a serial port.

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