Recording Streaming Audio?

Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Feb 13 08:26:25 UTC 2006

Hi.  I can't help you with Real files such as .rm, .ram, etc but I 
can help with mp3 streams.  You can record many of them if you have 
wget installed.  This isn't foolproof but works great for ACB Radio 
and others I've tested.  For mms streams such as Windows Media 
Player, I suggest mimms.  I'm on Debian which has a package but I 
don't know about other distros.

For wget, you would do something like this.  My syntax might be off 
but it gives you the idea.  Yes, you can have it read the pls file 
directly as long as it only contains an http url.  If it has the 
usual Winamp header, wget will complain.

wget -itest.pls -Ofile.mp3

wget -Omainstream.mp3

I think the -O switch should be upper case but I might be 
wrong.  Good luck and I hope someone has an idea for grabbing Real streams.

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