Recording Streaming Audio?

Aldo blinuxman at
Wed Feb 15 09:26:37 UTC 2006

On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 08:42:59AM -0800, Hart Larry wrote:
> Ok, Dave-and-All:  Yes, vsound lets you listen while recording, but as I 
> said in my orriginal message, many times I cannot find a recorded file of 
> any type which is saved.  It always says, "about to start the application"I 
> suppose it would be nice if it would mention the name of the file it is 
> saving.  We have an alias with some options, but after the stream finishes, 
> it says cannot find then it lists a numbered au file.
See -ao pcm option in mplayer; default is audiodump.wav but you can also 
give a file name to the output wav.

> Yes, I wish I could always use tr player as I record.
No longer required since realplayer exists as a .deb package as well as 
mplayer on the repository.
In that case you add -playlist as option to be able to stream / and/or 
As said din a prevouis msg, I forgot the command I used to convert 
ra/ram while listening to it.


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