Recording Streaming Audio?

Tony Baechler tony at
Wed Feb 15 11:23:58 UTC 2006

Hi, I think you can listen as you record with the wget method.  It's 
just an mp3 file so should play with any mp3 player.  You're right 
about mimms though.  I don't use Mplayer but it seems like it might 
play to a sound card as it records.  Unfortunately you can't stream 
wave files because apparently it needs to read the end of the file or 

At 08:18 AM 2/14/2006, you wrote:
>One problem (unless I've missed something) with all the methods described so
>far is that none of them lets you listen while you record. My personal
>preference is to use vsound, which lets you run your favourite tool to listen,
>and also records whatever is sent to the sound device as it's passing through.

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