Recording Streaming Audio?

Tony Baechler tony at
Thu Feb 16 07:43:43 UTC 2006

That is correct.  Fortunately, that's not what I was suggesting.  You 
listen to the mp3 file you're downloading with wget.  Jump to about 
the last 30 seconds and listen away.  Technically it's a broken file 
since it's still being downloaded live but I've done that with Winamp 
and it works.  As far as Linux players, I'm not sure but you could 
just keep restarting the downloaded file and go to the end every time 
if it doesn't support streaming.

At 08:22 AM 2/15/2006, you wrote:
>What you probably don't want to do is to just record and open a 
>second copy of the stream to listen to. I heard that is a good way 
>to get banned.

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