dectalk external version 1.8 running on linux?

T. Joseph CARTER knghtbrd at
Fri Feb 17 10:08:25 UTC 2006

Hank, the thing that looks like a phone port..  Does it have the little
tab on the edge or in the middle?  I have a DECtalk Express sitting here
that has the tab on the edge.  If you have a similar thing, I could
probably figure out what the pinout is, but you're on your own for finding
the RJ-whatever connector this is.  (It's neither 11 nor 45 I know for
sure!)  If you can get it properly wired to a serial port you should be
able to use the thing from Linux.

No promises on upgrades, and the voice quality will be a bit less smooth
than my DECtalk Express.  I've used one of these beasts before.  The basic
commands still work fine.

On Thu, Feb 16, 2006 at 11:32:04PM -0800, hank smith wrote:
> >hello I have a old dectalk classic running version 1.8
> >thing is agent
> >1. what is the latest I can upgrade this to?
> >2. will it run on linux?
> >this was giving to me.
> >it looks like a friggen computer as far as size it has a fan in side the 
> >ports look like a few phone jacks 2 serial port looking things what looks 
> >like a keyboard port etc.
> >anyways will this work with linux?
> >thanks
> >hank 

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