It is easy to restore MBR

Sameer sonaikar at
Tue Feb 21 02:27:33 UTC 2006

Hello Krister,

It is easy to restore MBR although it is XP, What you need id to put XP installable CDROM and boot the machine in recovey mode. It will prompt you for administrator password , then go to command prompt and run command 
d://fdisk /mbr  

If you harddisk have fat partition then you can even use Win98 bootable floppy to boot into system and then run above command.

With regards,

Krister Ekstrom <krister at> wrote: Hi everyone. I'm planning on removing my Linux system at least for now. 
I have a dual boot machine with Windows XP Pro and Linux on separate 
hard drives. Grub is in the MBR, so i guess i'll have to make a new MBR 
before i can remove the hard disk with Linux on it, the question is how 
do i make a new MBR and do i have to re-install windblows in order for 
this to take effect?
Thanks for any & all answers.

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