smallest kernel size with sound for AC97

krishnakant Mane krmane at
Mon Feb 27 06:42:58 UTC 2006

hello all,
I am in a process of developing a project for a small device with
flite built in the device for sound output.
Please provide me some feedback on the following.
with a linux kernel compiled for only USB support, the alsa driver for
AC97, flite with 1 voice imported from festival, my own c program
written for opening files and sending the output to the speach synth
and some part of the open office library to read word documents, what
will be the estimated kernel size and the entire software unit.
basically I have to fit it on a 2 mb bios rom flash memory.
I am sure the kernel with support for only USB and the sound driver
for AC97 will not be more than 270 kb if my calculation is correct.
but I have no idea of all the other things including flite and one
high quality voice.
or may be I will use the atnt natural voice.
Please send the feedback.

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