Problem with fedora installer and supervario 40

Sauro Cesaretti sauro at
Mon Feb 27 17:07:59 UTC 2006

I'm ttying to install fedora core 3 using the installer with braille 
support, but
the display don't work.
I don't know the correct syntax to use usb port.
I tried to use the serial.usb adapter and all has gone right, but when
I try to use usb port without adapter
,as I said,the display don't work.
Could you give me the correct syntax to specify that
I'm using supervario 40 with usb port?
I tried to write:
text brltty=ts,usb:n,it
Where n ss the number of the port, I tried with the range 0..3 because
I have 4 usb ports, but It didn't work.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.
S. Cesaretti 

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