programming docs for old external speech synths

T. Joseph CARTER knghtbrd at
Mon Jan 2 15:46:14 UTC 2006

Huh, I never considered looking for a datasheet!

Hey, their v-stamp product looks pretty cool.  It looks like it's designed
for hobbyist and prototyping applications.  Almost as useful as an AVR on
a DIP carrier.  Especially useful because, well, I don't do SMT soldering
very effectively.  I'm blind, you know.  *grin*  There's probably a method
for doing it, but I've never learned it.

Hmm, this defines the protocol, but I wonder how much of this protocol is
required by the average synthesizer.  Some of these commands are, I'm
positive, not used on most hardware synthesizers.  The last DoubleTalk I
saw definitely didn't have voice recorder features.  *smile*

I've actually considered just trying to buy an old serial-fed Accent, but
this is a much better solution.  (With the right tweaking, the accent can
sound IMO almost as good as the Keynote Gold, which is my preference.)

On Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 02:55:59PM +0100, Per Sjoholm wrote:
> Good idea
> Doubbletalk docs can be found at 
> for 8660 chip
> /Per
> T. Joseph CARTER wrote:
> >Just wondering, does anyone happen to have some programming docs for some
> >of the external speech synthesizers?  I was thinking about a little
> >project that would listen to a serial port and parse the codes used by
> >something widely supported (DoubleTalk and Accent come to mind) so that a
> >person can do things like successfully flash a BIOS using one of the old
> >school DOS screen readers.
> >
> >I know a few people who do this successfully using real old school
> >synthesizers to go with the screen readers, but I haven't got one, and I
> >really would prefer not to listen to (let alone pay for) a DoubleTalk ever
> >again if I can avoid it.  *grin*
> >
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