Solaris 10 installation with braille display

Jani Kinnunen jkinnunen at
Tue Jan 3 11:56:51 UTC 2006


The machine on which I'm going to install Solaris has an x86-based 

> connect a PC running Windows and a screen reader to > the Solaris box via 
> a serial lead

What should I do to get this working? Probably I've to connect the two 
machines together with a null modem cable, right? Do I have to perform other 
tasks on the Windows machine so that the connection starts up? How about the 
machine on which I'm installing Solaris? What do I need to do?

> you need to ensure that there is no "native" keyboard > > connected to the 
> machine so that it looks for I/O from it > serial port.>

Do you mean the Windows machine?

Jani Kinnunen 

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