Is it possible to communicate with skype?

Per Sjoholm Per.T.Sjoholm at
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Maybe this article can give some help
Build a Linux-Based Skype Server for Your Home Phone System
See Linux Journal issue 141 January 2006

Brent Harding wrote:
> If I redownload an old version of skype from somewhere, maybe 
>, will it still work? I'm thinking of going net-based 
> instead of cable for long distance calls and going with a cheap line for 
> local so that I can still save money by downgrading my TV package. What 
> is accessible and cheap like skype for PC to phone? Only thing I know of 
> is going to involve buying some device to hook my phone into and put 
> inside a machine running linux and asterisk. I have my old machine still 
> here that I intend to use linux and speakup on, but heard that software 
> is a bear to configure. It seems that yahoo and aim need the graphic 
> thing filled out to get phone on there, and I don't think msn does phone 
> at all, windows messenger in XP.
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>> coscell at writes:
>>> hi:
>>> Nowadays skype is still not accessible for us. But is there any way to
>>> communicate with our friends whom used skype by using our console
>>> programs?
>> No, Skype, using a proprietary protocol, does not
>> allow for any other apps than Skype itself to use their network...
>> Its part of their bussiness model.
>> Forget about skype, use SIP or H323 of even CallManager or
>> whatever. There are plenty of free VoIP protocols around.
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