Speakup website

T. Joseph CARTER knghtbrd at bluecherry.net
Tue Jan 24 07:57:04 UTC 2006

I notice that the server that is hosting the Speakup website (and
presumably other services) is very, very slow.  That is, it feels like
it's being hosted on a 56k modem.  *shudder*

Does this project need better hosting?  I'm sure it can be found if it
would be helpful.  (I'm looking for more information on speech synthesizer
command sets--only the DoubleTalk command set and a probably incomplete
DECTalk command set are available online where I can find it.)

I'm afraid I need to do some wheel reinvention here.  *frown*  These are
coding details, though, and those don't seem to be of much interest here.
I really hate to go off and do my own thing here, though, because it seems
that so far is what everybody else has done.  You have the speakup stuff,
emacspeak stuff, gnopernicus stuff, and then you have other stuff that
tries to emulate various bits.  No docs exist besides what's in the code,
and most of that is a real mess.  But that's a totally seperate message
and thread, I guess.  *grin*

"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act,
but a habit."
	-- Aristotle

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