How does this synthesizer sound?

Reinhard Stebner reinhard.stebner at
Thu Jul 6 15:19:17 UTC 2006

I think it is one of the better hardware sounding synths out there.  The
speech is crisp and responsive (compaired to software speech, it is a lot



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I'm sitting here, thinking of buying a dectalk usb from gwmicro to use with
windows, my linux box, and my ms-dos machine.


However, I want to know how does it sound before I buy it, so that it
doesn't sound like dectalk runtime for linux, because I think it sounds
awful in comparition with the dectalk  access 32.


So if any of you have a such synthesizer, could you tell me how it sounds,
or even better put together a short demonstration, and e-mail it to me?


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