have anyone tested this screen reader

Kristoffer Gustafsson kg84 at nikolausson.cc
Thu Jul 6 17:52:50 UTC 2006

No, I didn't find any download either. The reason I found this was because I 
was searching for information about my infovox 700 speech synthesizer I have 
at the moment.
And now I finally found a linux screen reader wich supported that 

Now, I've decided to write an infovox kind of thing myself wich will work 
with speakup.
Does any of you have the english manual for this synthesizer?
Cuold you send it if you do?

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> Well Kristoffer, I went to that site but looking with L Y N X  did not 
> find a package to download.  There may be some javascript as well?  Thanks
> Hart
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