have anyone tested this screen reader

Brent Harding bharding at doorpi.net
Thu Jul 6 19:18:51 UTC 2006

I think Optilec purchased the Elba stuff, they don't mention the Braillex 
notetaker these days, not sure if they will still be making that or not, 
wish I could afford one. How neat it'd be to have a talking portable linux 
box, that I think still had a serial port on it.

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> Hi Kristoffer,
> This screenreader was looked at as an option by my sighted friend who is
> helping me set up linux. This screenreader is also used on the Braillex 
> ELba
> from Papenmeier. I don't know where my friend found this, maybe it is on 
> the
> German version of the uxdots site, or I can't remember if it was on 
> another
> site, but you have to purchase uxdots, I can't remember how many euros it
> was. Also, I tried emailing the address but got no answer.
> Ari
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