Question and info about Suse

Stefano stefanomanzi at
Sat Jul 8 20:34:30 UTC 2006

The question is:
what do you think about a Pentium 2 processor, 4.02 gb of hard disk, 64 mb of ram, video card of Trident Cyber and sound card of Ess Technologies?
Would it be compatible with any Linux distribution?

And the info for Suse is:
how can I get suse 7.0? According to all my readings done on the Net, that version seems to be the only one that automatically (or perhaps with a few parameters) allows a blind user to install on his/her own the operating system.
Some months ago, besides, I tried to download Suse 10 but at startup no boot prompt appeared, a sighted friend installed it and we weren't able to activate braille neither gnopernicus.

Thanks for your answers, have a good time!
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