virtual machine question

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Jul 13 01:26:17 UTC 2006

> I qwould like to have the operating systems run at the same time.

One doesn't need to use vmware.  One could use QEMU or Bochs. 
Both are emulators that will allow you to do a simple install 
within a virtual machine.  There are distributions of Linux that 
are designed to fit on a USB key and boot within Windows using 
QEMU (I think Puppy Linux and [pardon my language] Damn Small 
Linux are such a beasts).  Lastly, there's a version of Linux 
called "Cooperative Linux" that, instead of targeting the X86 
architecture, targets the "Win32" architecture.  A crazy twisting 
of ideas, but it allows you to run Linux as a native process 
under Windows.

You can learn more at



Puppy on QEMU:


Cooperative Linux ("coLinux"):

There are mixed blessings to the process.  Bochs is supposedly 
slower than QEMU.  With Bochs, I know you actually get a real 
virtual machine.  QEMU might be the same way.  The DSL and Puppy 
ports are nice because they've already done the hard work for 
you.  However, you can do your own install in a virtual machine 
of your favorite flavor of accessible Linux.

Best wishes...


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