Converting .rm2mp3?

Hart Larry chime at
Fri Jul 14 02:34:26 UTC 2006

I used m player to rip an audio stream.  I want to convert it from a dot rm to 
an mp3.  I first tried wedit, its wed2mp3 did convert, but I lost alot of 
quality, especially highs.  Chuck suggested I try wed2ogg where I could select 
type of quality.  Well, with this also, quality lost.  I then tried lame.  All 
I got was white noise.  The manual I think mentions a -s or sfrq option. 
Anyway, are their other programs maybe a bit simpler which will convert, 
keeping the high-frequencies?
With m player, I wish I could use the -dumpstream and make an mp3 on the fly 
from the stream.
Thanks in advance for tips-and-trix

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