blind friendly windows emulator

Aldo blinuxman at
Wed Jul 19 08:03:24 UTC 2006

On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 03:04:40AM +0200, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
> Hello!
> Is ther a blind friendly windows emulator out there?
> I want to run my windows based computer games under linux.

Bad ideas to continue to love window$ (suckx Bill) so much while trying 
to switch to Linux, its like going to a Pizza Hut and asking for Indian 
I hope you understand what I try to say, imho its still better to use a 
dual boot and have no regrets to run 2 OSes (Win + Lin) instead of 
trying to eat chinees on a french restaurant, and french food in a 
chinees restaurant)

Aldo with humor!

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