blind friendly windows emulator

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at
Wed Jul 19 14:51:45 UTC 2006


You might stand this on its head and run a Linux emulator under Windows. I 
use Cygwin quite heavily and it's fine for light tasks such as running Lynx 
and studying man pages. I use brltty without speech. For speech use, Jaws 
seems to work fairly well from what little I've tried. WindowEyes didn't 
follow the cursor in Emacs but there might be a way to configure it; my 
WindowEyes knowledge is very slight.

Check out; it's free despite the .com, and it's now sponsored by 
Red Hat. The installer is initially confusing but makes sense before too 
long. Start with the basic (default) system anyway and then add what you 
want; you can fit the whole thing in a couple GB.

If you want to write Jaws scripts, there's a trick I use to make them 
available all the time; let me know if this would be useful.


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