Marvel Miniport lan interface with Live CD linux distros?

Brent Harding bharding at
Thu Jul 20 03:08:59 UTC 2006

Does GRML support the Yukon Marvell Miniport LAN interface? I just want to 
fire up linux on here once in awhile and don't want to deal with splitting 
NTFS partitions because I misplaced the Partition Magic CD. Oralux wouldn't 
go online, no network interfaces could be ifconfigged besides loopback, and 
that doesn't go anywhere near the net. I think GRML is better because it has 
Speakup instead of Yasr, speakup I'm more familiar with. Before I burn a 
coaster, how hard would it be to make it support this network so I can do 
what I need with it?

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