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Christian christian08 at
Mon Jul 24 13:17:53 UTC 2006

Hello Christian

>Start vmplayer directly from the console:
>- Change into the directory where the files of your virtual machine are 
>  stored.
>- Execute the following command in this directory:
>  xinit /usr/bin/vmplayer -X <vm.vmx>
>  Replace <vm.vmx> withe the filename of your vmx-file
>If the virtual machine stops during bootup, just hit enter a few times. 
>Depending on your hardwaresettings vmplayer shows messages on not found 
>or not activated devices, but the virtual machine should come up at 
No, it didnt work. It said something about that my display was already set to 0. I have the graphical user login when i start my system so I need to press Ctrl-Alt-F1 each time to open up a text console. After a few seconds i got the prompt back.
Many thanks,
>  Christian
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