how to access files from other machine's old Win98 partitions?

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Mon Jul 24 17:09:07 UTC 2006

Yes, that should work just fine. I recovered a laptop which somehow ended
up with a bad boot sector this way some years back.

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Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 11:16:48 -0500
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Subject: how to access files from other machine's old Win98 partitions?

I have an old box that I used to dual boot 98 and Fedora core 2 on that I 
want to format and only put Linux back on. I replaced it with my new
awhile back and the file shares I was using to transfer files off the old 
partitions on to the new XP system went down when the power did during a 
storm awhile ago. The sharing just won't come back no matter what I try, so 
I thought maybe booting it into the Linux install that is on the second 
drive might help. Would it work to mount the 2 Fat32 partitions I had on
primary drive on subdirectories under my home directory and FTP the 
directories I want down? The network card seems to come up when I booted it 
with the Fedora core 2 rescue disk I had around, got the Cheapbytes set 
awhile back. Will my idea of this FTP method work, as I know the other 
machine can get on ftp sites, it should be relatively safe if I use a good 
password on the account whose home directory I mount the partitions in 
subdirectories under.

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