daisy-player 1.0

Jos Lemmens jos at jlemmens.nl
Tue Jul 25 17:53:19 UTC 2006

Hello David and others,

On www.jlemmens.nl is version 2.0 of daisy_player available.
This version supports all navigation which is available on a daisy-cd.
I only had, till now, daisy-cd's with versions 2.022 and 2.02.
Daisy_player works fine with these versions.

This new version can also play normal audio-cd';s. It will try to
get album-information from the freedb-server.

The cursor follows your commands so that you have direct response on
your braille-terminal.

Daisy_player uses the madplay-, the SDL-, and the curl-packages,
so be sure you have installed these packages. Most Linux-flavors
provide these on there INSTALL cd's.

   Best regards,


On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 10:34:08AM -0500, David B Andrews wrote:
> Just to be clear:  the DAISY standard does make possible detailed navigation of a publication, however, the navigation structure must be included by the producer of the book.
> Traditionally, the player developers, both hardware and software have supported more navigation than most book producers have coded into their publications.
> This is because it is a lot of work, and the book production tools are still developing * I think.
> Dave
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