Anyone using Asterisk?

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Tue Jul 25 22:52:10 UTC 2006

I am thinking of installing it too, on my old machine, although it's 
probably not going to be an easy project unless I install AMP, the Asterisk 
Management Portal to get a basic config generated and modify by hand as 
necessary. I've read a lot of good things about it online that make it sound 
better than Time Warner phone that I pay too much for and not have tons of 
features with it, or at least a few I'd like. Does it generally support 
Intel voice modems that have a handset port and a line port to use them in 
place of the "made for Asterisk" cards when it comes to being able to hook 
up my talking caller ID with my cordless phone as an extension? I plan to 
not hook up the line port as that's what the Voip is for. I could get a 
Sipura adapter or a card that is made just for Asterisk, but it'd be nice to 
use the voice modem I already have, as I probably would throw it away or 
something otherwise as I have no other use for it.

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Subject: Anyone using Asterisk?

> Hi all,
> I am just wondering if we have any Asterisk users on here?
> I am playing around with it and have set up a small system running locally 
> here on my machine. I am using two IP phones at the moment and have set up 
> meetme as well and connects with some operators.
> It could be fun to discuss Asterisk and all the possibilities it has with 
> some.
> For those of you who don't know what Asterisk is. Asterisk is a open 
> source PBX that is capable of doing allmost anything you can expect from a 
> traditional switchboard/PBX system. It features voicemail, conferencing, 
> music on hold, cueing, conversation recording and much more. There are 
> addons as well. It can even have calling cards with it.
> A good resource for Asterisk from which I have learned most of the things 
> is form Voip info. The address is:
> All the best and thanks,
> Christian
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