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Christian christian08 at
Fri Jul 28 22:00:08 UTC 2006

Hello Tim,
Many thanks, will try to mount one of my NTFS partitions and see if it works. Will also compress the file if possible.
Many thanks,

On 2006-07-28 at 16:51 Tim Chase wrote:

>> I am trying to copy a 8 GB file from my Linux partition onto
>> one of my Windows partitions (in this case a FAT32). However,
>> I can only copy about 4 gigs and then it complains about the
>> file size limit has been reached or simular.
>FAT32 has a maximum file size of 4 gigs (okay, 4-gigabytes minus 
>a couple bytes of overhead, truth be told).  If it were FAT16, 
>you might only get to about 2 gigs.
>A couple ideas:
>You might be able to compress the file on your Linux side of 
>things and then send the compressed version over to the FAT32.  I 
>don't know if Zip has any sort of problem with such large files. 
>  Using gzip or bzip/bzip2 might have better success with the matter.
>You might be able to, with the proper drivers, copy the file to 
>an NTFS partition (which has some astronomical filesize limit of 
>something like 16 exabytes).
>I think those are your best options.
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