ubuntu install question

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Sat Jul 29 13:28:50 UTC 2006

I'm trying to install accessible ubuntu onto a hard drive here.  With 
sighted assistance I learned you key in boot selections and boot commands 
10 seconds after you hear the post test beep.  Then gnopernicus comes up 
talking for me.  When I try to install ubuntu and it can be done by 
sighted people and I know of a remote kickstart way to get it done too I 
get gnopernicus minimized and then do alt-f2 and key in install and tab 
once and hit space to run it in terminal mode since gnome panel won't work 
for this.  Then I tab over to run and hit enter.  An install window is 
created and when I try alt-tab to open it it says switch to install window 
but that's all.  If anyone else who has done this knows, is the install 
application needing to have caret mode used to make it talk or is 
something else limiting things?  When I had sighted assistance to install 
on this drive the first time we ended up with a grub error 18 the first 
time and couldn't get past that.  The second time I tried installing was 
remotely with linux ks=http://cwelug.org/~rwcitek/ubuntu/ks.cfg I got an 
error 22 frrom grub as it failed.  Others on this list who try that 
install may have better luck which is why I'm sharing it here.  By the 
way, if you replace linux with server in front of ks= on that last line 
you get a server installation rather than a desktop install.  The desktop 
install is the more complete of the two of them.  Now I have to research 
grub error 22 before my next installation attempt.  This could be a bad 
hard drive and if so, it's on a sled so can be switched out.

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