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Christian Schoepplein chris at schoeppi.net
Sun Jul 30 21:09:27 UTC 2006

Hi Christian

On Sat, Jul 29, 2006 at 06:06:16PM +0200, Christian wrote:
>I am trying to run Vmplayer under my Debian and I am running into a 
>problem when launching it. I installed it as root and I have the 
>graphical logon screen enabled so I have to press Ctrl-Alt-F1 in order 
>to get a text console.
>Then I login as root or whatever user change in to the directory where 
>my .vmx file is and type:
>xinit /usr/bin/vmplayer -X Winxp.vmx

this command only will work if you are not allreade in grafical mode.

>But it complains that the display is alredy set to 0 and if the server 
>is not running anymore i have to delete the lock file. I have tried it, 
>but with no luck. So, any ideas?

Change your system to start into the text based envirornment per 

1. Open the file /etc/inittab
2. Search for a line that should look something like this:


3. Change it to:


No the system starts runleven per default.

Try to execute the command from above to activate vmplayer. Does this 
work? Also it should still be possible to start the grafical frontend.



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