good partitioning program needed

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No, I know for sure that windows 98 will not take all my space, because I've 
done an unattended installation floppy, and have total control over  that 

I've tried oralux before, I didn't considered it until now, because I didn't 
knew of the new features in version 0.7
I'll use oralux 0.7 with speakup desktop to partition my drive, and then I 
will install fedora core 3.


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>I think fdisk will work. But, again,  Win XP will slurp up any 
>non-partitioned space on the HD. I'm not sure Win 98 will do that but if I 
>were you, I'd create 1 32 Gb partition for Windows and then create another 
>partition on the rest just to be safe.
> At 05:14 PM 5/31/2006, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
>>The thing I want is only to get about 30 gigabyte of space for windows, 
>>and the rest for linux.
>>So, the question I really was Asking was if fdisk will recognise a such 
>>large disk.
>>I will do only the windows partition. Then I will leave the rest of the 
>>space unpartitioned and let the installation program for linux do it's 
>>Do you think that this wkill work for me?
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>>>Kristoffer Gustafsson said the following on Wed, May 31, 2006 at 
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>>>>do you think that the fdisk can partition even the 200 gb drive I've 
>>>Not if you want to use FAT32 because I think that FAT32 will only work
>>>up to 137 GB or something. MS Windows will tell you that you cannot do
>>>it for more than 32GB but that is not true.
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