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tyche tyche at
Fri Jun 2 21:03:38 UTC 2006

Geoff Shang wrote:
> tyche wrote:
>> would like to know if there are any screen readers that:
>> 1) use the sound card for out put
>> 2) can read a framed window in a gui
>> 3) NOT require highlighting and hot keying.
>> i know a little about windows programs like jaws that
>> require a card similiar to dectalk.
> This is not a mailing list for the discussion of Windows, as its focus 
> is Linux, but JAWS and most other Windows screen readers can and do 
> speak through a standard soundcard.

i know jaws is for windows. am not going to build the thing 
for windows. am going to build it for linux.

> Not sure what you mean by point 3 above.  Certainly a decent screen 
> reader should speak most screen contents intuitively,

i do realize that point.

> but if anyone 
> thinks they can design a screen reader that does not require any special 
> commands for screen review then they are (1) kidding themselves and (2) 
> not familiar with the way blind people use screen readers.  The ability 
> to examine the screen and have information selectively spoken at will is 
> integral to the whole screen reader experience.

thank you for informing me of that point as well.

> Geoff.

question remains, which packages to get and compile. do they 
all use the sound card, or do they require something similar 
to a decktalk?



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