fedora 2 installation

Rinaldo guelpa at dundeekzn.co.za
Tue Jun 6 09:45:10 UTC 2006

Hi Friends
I have installed my first Linux product this weekend. Did follow the
instructions in the 'how-to' file 2004 version and do have a few questions.
I did have speech after typing 'text speakup...Apollo' and was not sure
about a few things. At the end could not selt 'firstboot off' but was able
to set 'cubs and kudzu off'.
On repoot I hear now speech and can only get apollo to speak when I type
'modprobe speakup=apollo'.
At the packages 'text..' was marked and I marked 'editors' aswell but did not
get the one I like 'Joe'.
I need some help please if some one can write to me directly at
guelpa at dundeekzn.co.za I will be very greatfull.
I do have another installation but I need to learn how to do it myself.
Best wishes

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