fedora 2 installation

Rinaldo guelpa at dundeekzn.co.za
Mon Jun 12 06:59:45 UTC 2006

Hello Janina
After retrieving the 'how-to' dated 2 jan 2005 I tried again and was
successfull but can not rember how I did it. If I try 'firstboot off' "no
file or directory...' yet 'the other two did work.
In this last 'how-to' I found the 'beeps' for Grub very helpfulle and had no
problem inserting them.
I had a faulty 'grub.conf' file in my main computer.
I also did use the 'rescue' from my Fedore 2 and was able to repair my
grub.conf file now it is working again and the 'beeps' are a great help.
On 2006-06-10 blinux-list at redhat.com said:
   >Did you create a new initrd as described in the installation HOWTO?
   >That's how you avoid needing to login without speech and use
   >modprobe. Or, to be more precise, it's the best way.
   >Rinaldo writes:

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