making distros like Asterisk at Home talk from install up through daily use

Brent Harding bharding at
Mon Jun 12 22:38:45 UTC 2006

Hi there! I want to know how I could make Asterisk at Home run with a 
speakup-enabled Kernel, especially through the installation and all? I want 
to use the Asterisk system and Voip and heard this was the easiest way to do 
it My old machine I want to make into a Linux box has some core of Fedora on 
its secondary 6.whatever gig drive, and the 30 gig has 98 on that I just 
want certain files of and that will then be reformatted, and it has my 
double talk board I used with that distro. Assuming that the Fedora on there 
is still bootable and I remember the Root password, how would I modify the 
iso of the Asterisk at Home distro so I could have talking install and then 
boot into a talking system? I heard this is the easiest way of running such 
a system because you get the webbased admin tools that are set up for that 
distro. The last time I tried just replacing the Kernel on an install disk 
and reburning, I got module error disaster. How do I prevent that this time?

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