making distros like Asterisk at Home talk from install upthrough daily use

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Tue Jun 13 22:35:35 UTC 2006

Actually, it's a distribution iso image that contains CentOS, the Asterisk 
software which it compiles after the install reboots the system, and various 
web and console config tools so you don't have to mess with the complex 
config files that often. I would control it remotely, but my other machine 
is XP and Windows Telnet and JFW doesn't work well to edit files on remote 
systems and I never cared for Festival with Oralux. I wonder how I'd throw 
in a talking Kernel and not make the module dependencies not be mismatched? 
I'd rather just install the rest of the package over my Fedora I already 
left on there, but they built it around this distro.

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> Why? Why particularly Asterisk At Home when Asterisk itselfs works
> perfectly well with Speakup.
> Isn't Asterisk At Home a gui front end to Asterisk? Or, did I miss
> something here?
> Brent Harding writes:
>> Hi there! I want to know how I could make Asterisk at Home run with a
>> speakup-enabled Kernel, especially through the installation and all? I 
>> want
>> to use the Asterisk system and Voip and heard this was the easiest way to
>> do it My old machine I want to make into a Linux box has some core of
>> Fedora on its secondary 6.whatever gig drive, and the 30 gig has 98 on 
>> that
>> I just want certain files of and that will then be reformatted, and it 
>> has
>> my double talk board I used with that distro. Assuming that the Fedora on
>> there is still bootable and I remember the Root password, how would I
>> modify the iso of the Asterisk at Home distro so I could have talking
>> install and then boot into a talking system? I heard this is the easiest
>> way of running such a system because you get the webbased admin tools 
>> that
>> are set up for that distro. The last time I tried just replacing the 
>> Kernel
>> on an install disk and reburning, I got module error disaster. How do I
>> prevent that this time?
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