making distros like Asterisk at Home talkfrominstallupthroughdaily use

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Wed Jun 14 21:45:39 UTC 2006

I'm thinking that might be the case. I bet I'd probably find some feature I 
want that the GUI doesn't support, and only the guys who made that really 
know how it altered the files. It just sounded good that people say "set it 
up in an hour or less" I don't care really how long it takes, not in a real 
rush, just wondered how hard the distro they ship it with would be to 
Speakup-enable. I played with Webmin on a provider I was going to put a blog 
up on once and sometimes those front ends aren't perfect but they help 
newbies out.

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> Hi,
> Not that I'm aware of, but that's not the point.  This is a PBX, not a
> telephone.  It's almost necessarily complex.  If you're looking to use a 
> web
> front-end in order to make it easier to use, then you may do well to
> consider whether this is something you really want to get into.
> I'm certain that using a front-end will come back to bite you in the end, 
> so
> I say "dive straight in".
> Geoff.
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