Brian Tew btew at
Fri Jun 23 16:05:58 UTC 2006

Yes, mplayer can't follow the redirects and trplayer can. modifies the url depending on if you are registered and/or a v i p member.

The curl command can find the url that mplayer needs.
I made a little one-line command that works for me in bash.
Put it in /usr/local/bin and it seems to work ok.
You have to find the proper name of the stream you want to hear.
You can find that by searching their site and reading the url for a station.
So, for example,  I can type;

live iwebradio

and i am hearing the iwebradio stream using mplayer.

Here is the command that works for me:

mplayer -quiet `curl -I "$1/" |sed -e '/ocation/!d; s/.* \(.*\).$/\1/' `

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