ABC-News Stream?

Hart Larry chime at
Sat Jun 24 02:34:03 UTC 2006

Just wondering if there are ways to listen or watch this stream in linux?  In 
my case, since I am with SBC Yahoo, we along with Bell South, Comcast, and aol, 
get this for free.  Well, from the windows side, its useing some Yahoo media 
player--and to make matters worse, since its javascript, I cannot save a little 
stream file in L Y N X.  So here is a paste of an url, but there's no stream 
Not totally sure, but I may require an SBC user name-and-password?
We even tried going to this site from Gnome but it says I need a sound server.
Thanks much in advance for any ways of listening to ABCnewsNow in linux.

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