talking linux box configuration suggestions needed

krishnakant Mane krmane at
Thu Jun 29 18:14:35 UTC 2006

hello all,
this is in context of my previous thread regarding compilation issue of flite.
I will like to remind the readers that I had previously emailed a
complain that flite make stuck on kal 8k voice.
I have one major question and im sorry if it sounds very basic to any one.
can I get this problem solved by building flite as static?
I mean will flite compile any faster if I build it as a static
application to be used?
actually I will eventually need to do it because I am supposed to
transfer the compiled application to another semi embedded linux box
with 128 ddr ram and a 256 mb USB stick which boots linux.
I will not be able to compile flite on that machine so will just
prefer to transfer my compiled work on to it.
how can I do this process?
and if I can be a bit off topic, may I ask how can I copy any compiled
software to this bootable linux USB stick in general?  I mean on that
small USB stick I don't and can't have gcc and all those compilation
utilities.  so how do I transfer my packages? should I compile all
those needed as static?  and if yes how to do so?
secondly, I want a custom program to start instead of a bash prompt.
my system is a menu driven system which will work on arrows, enter and
escape keys and nothing else.
so I want this menu driven interface to come up instead of the shell.
in short I will need to make the system tell the user that it is ready
(through speach from flite of course!).
any help will be most appreciated.
actually this device is going to be a portable document reader which a
user can carry any where.
so Please send in replies to my above queries.
thanks a lot,

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