make of flite stuck on kal 8k

Lukas Loehrer listaddr1 at
Thu Jun 29 18:35:14 UTC 2006

Hi krishnakant,

krishnakant Mane writes ("Re: make of flite stuck on kal 8k"):
> well I am going to switch to slackware 10.2 with 2.6.13 kernel and I
> think they use alsa 1.0.9 drivers.
> will flite 1.2 have any problems with it?  I also want to use yasr
> with the same machine.

If you want to use flite with yasr, you will also need eflite. If you
want to use Alsa for sound playback, you may consider the version of
flite and eflite I modified to support Alsa natively, available from:

There is a binary of eflite available on that page, that is statically
linked against flite 1.2, so you could try that without having to
build flite yourself. I have only tested it on Debian and I know it
works on some versions of Fedora, but I have no experience with
> can you suggest me one very good and exceptable voice I can use with
> flite 1.2 and yasr?

Flite is short for "festival lite", so you get only one voice. My
earlier point was that the voice that comes with flite 1.2 sounds more
pleasant to me than the one that comes with flite 1.3. In both 1.2 and
1.3, You can choose between a 8k and a 16k version of the kal voice,
you will of course choose the 16k version. If you want other voices,
you will have to go with festival or another TTS.

hth, Lukas

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