talking linux box configuration suggestions needed

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Jun 29 18:39:36 UTC 2006

> because I am supposed to transfer the compiled application to 
> another semi embedded linux box with 128 ddr ram and a 256 mb 
> USB stick which boots linux. I will not be able to compile 
> flite on that machine so will just prefer to transfer my 
> compiled work on to it. how can I do this process?

Well, you omit one of the most important details:  the processor
of this target box.  If it's an x86 processor, you should be
fairly good to go with just copying over.  If not, you'd need to
find the GCC cross-compiler and use it to build Flite (and any
dependancies) for your target architecture.

Once you've got a build of flite for your target architecture,
you should just be able to copy it down to your platform (whether
via USB drive, serial uplink, ethernet, or carrier pigeon).
However, that assumes you already have linux booting on that box,
and fully running with audio output working.  As for
dependancies, static linking may or may not help resolve the
matter.  If it doesn't, you'll usually have evidence of your app
(Flite) bombing with some error to the effect of "could not load
module XYZ"

> secondly, I want a custom program to start instead of a bash
> prompt.

Assuming you keep the usual login process, as root, you can just
change your users' shells with "vipw" which will allow you to
edit your passwd file with your default editor.  Just find the
username in question and change the shell portion from
"/bin/bash" to "/usr/local/my/program"

Hopefully this gives you some ideas and gets you pointed in the
right direction.


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