talking linux box configuration suggestions needed

Lukas Loehrer listaddr1 at
Fri Jun 30 04:22:59 UTC 2006

krishnakant Mane writes ("Re: talking linux box configuration suggestions needed"):
> but just in anticipation, if static building does not work what should I do?
> any ideas?

It will not with 128MB. As mentioned before, you will need at least
512MB of RAM on the machine that does the compiling of flite, whether
it is crosscompiling or not and whether you will make shared or static
libraries or both. The problem does not occur during linking but
during the compilation of the C files of the kal voice which are huge;
they are automatically generated.

I see two possibilities:
1. Get more RAM for your compiling machine
2. Try to split the kal voice files into smaller units that can be
compiled separately

I would strongly advice for the first option.

Best regards, Lukas

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