Bluetooth: pand: Connection failed. File exists(17)

Geoff Shang geoff at
Sat Mar 18 02:50:51 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

I'm posting here in case someone has any ideas on how I can solve this 
mystery.  I've posted this to the bluez-users list without any response, so 
I'm also posting here in case someone has any ideas.

I'm trying to set up a network connection via bluetooth using pand and I've hit 
a problem that I can't find any references to.

I start pand on the NAP side with no problems, using the following comand:

pand --listen --role NAP

When I try to connect from the panu, I get the following:

Mar 10 18:35:46 data pand[16077]: Connection failed. File exists(17)

I get the same sort of thing on the other end.  Here's an example from when I 
tried reversing roles:

Mar 10 18:59:34 data pand[16186]: Bluetooth PAN daemon version 2.25
Mar 10 18:59:34 data pand[16186]: Connecting to 00:02:72:B2:A0:6E
Mar 10 18:59:34 data pand[16186]: Connect to 00:02:72:B2:A0:6E failed. File 

I've searched the web, read all relevant docs I could find, even took a look at 
the pand source.  I got as far as looking at bnep_accept_connection but then my 
brain began to ache (I'm not a C programmer).

I'm using bluez libs and utils v2.25 on both ends.  They were compiled with 
./configure --enable-all though some of the supporting components like obex 
weren't available.  One end is running on a freshly installed Debian 3.1 
system, the other is on a Debian 2.2 system with various upgrades; however all 
bluez items were compiled from source.

If anyone knows what this is, or even simply has suggestions as to what file it 
is that pand is complaining about, I'd be extremely greatful.


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